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Khushboo Chhibber February 10, 2020

Types of Indian e-Visa: An Elaborated Guide

The Indian government offers various categories under the e-Visa facility. It is necessary to choose the right visa-type while applying for ETA. So, here is the guide to various types of Indian e-Visa. Have a read:

E-Tourist visa:

The Tourist visa is the prominently used type as it allows the variety of activities to the visitors. Also, it is said that a Tourist visa is easier to get than that of other categories. Also, it offers a stay period of 90 to 180 days, that depends upon your nationality as natives of Japan, Canada, the US, and the UK, are offered with 180-day continuous stay.

So, if you are planning a vacation- explore the beauty of India, recreation and meeting friends and relatives, you need the tourist visa as none of the other types allows you the general tourism. e-Tourist visa India is now available for one month, one year and five years so that maximum delegates can get the benefit.

Permitted activities:

  • Tourism
  • Meeting friends/relatives
  • Yoga retreat

E-medical visa:

E-medical visa is subjected to provide the permit to avail Indian medical facilities. So, people who are looking for short term medical help in India can apply for the e-Medical visa. e-Medical visa India offers a stay for 60 days in the country.

E-medical attendant visa:

People who want to accompany the patient coming to India, are advised to apply for a medical attendant visa. The validity of it; will remain the same as an e-Medical visa. Also, it is only issued to the blood relatives or family members of the patient.

E-Business Visa:

As the investors are keeping an eye on India, the GOI has offers an e-business visa India facility for those who want to grow their business in India. For any business or official purpose, this visa can be obtained. Along with 180 days of say, it allows you the given activities:

  • To sale/purchase or trade
  • For attending technical/business meetings
  • For starting an industrial/business venture
  • For sponsoring tours
  • To give a lecture(s) under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN)
  • Recruiting manpower
  • participating in exhibitions or business/trade fairs

E- Conference visa:

This visa allows applicants to attend the seminars, workshops or conferences held by NGOs/private institutions, government-owned institutions, any Ministry or department of the Indian government, UT administrations, UN, Specialized agencies. With e-Conference Visa you can stay up to 30 days.

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