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Khushboo Chhibber February 20, 2020

Indian Tourist Visa 2-Month Gap- Now You can Avoid It

The popularity of India can't be hidden behind curtains as we all know the country is gaining more and more eyes towards itself. Thus, considering the convenience of tourists, the Government of India lifted the two-month gap rule back in 2012 except for the natives of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, and Bangladesh.

The logic of Two-Month Gap

As mentioned above the citizens of Afghanistan's China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Bangladesh, and foreign nationals of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are considered as "stateless persons" and need to follow 60-day gap rule, but people from other nations can freely go in and out of India as they want to, and they don't even need to wait for the period of 60 days.

But the 60-days gap itself has a significance- this rule is meant to control the terrorist activities and improve the border control facilities for people who are leaving the country, mainly those who share a common border with India as they cannot depart and re-enter to India on the same day. This rule was lifted as it was affecting the tourists of India, and thus only a few countries need to follow this rule.

Nevertheless, people who are looking for ways to avoid the two-months gap and need to visit India before the period of 60 days, can try the tricks given below:

Use the re-entry Permit:This permit is issued to those who need to re-enter India within the two months period on an urgent basis. It only serves people having life or death emergencies which cannot be avoided. To attain this permit, one needs to provide the required documents and fulfill the requirements determined by the tourism ministry of India. In addition, this permit cannot be availed for business or employment purposes as it caters to emergencies like illness or death of family members or blood-relatives. For getting the permit for non-emergency cases, approval from FRRO is required and thus the person needs to apply within 14 days.

Visiting neighboring countries:People who are visiting neighboring countries of India namely Nepal, Thailand, or Sri Lanka, need to submit the documents related to the journey and return ticket attached to the application. If you are visiting neighboring countries, there is no need to avail the re-entry permit and the 60 days rule will not be applied to your case. FYI, the India Immigration officer can provide you with the three entries, depending upon your case. But make sure you have the itinerary proofs ready with you to get the allowance for visiting India before the 60 days gap. But for getting the re-entry permit, your nationality plays an important role.

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The Government of India is focused on providing better tourism conditions to foreign tourists but tourists need to follow the terms determined by GOI and never violate the rules for a better experience with Indian ministry. To make things better and easier the electronic visa concept has been introduced by the Indian ministry. It can be applied and availed without going to the embassy as the entire application process can be completed online.

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