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e-Visa to India: Explained in Detailed Manner

e-Visa India is a legal document issued by the country to provide permission to gain entry into India. It facilitates visitors to apply for an Indian Visa online without physically going to the embassy. The application process is completely online method with which visa can be availed by following some simple steps which also include the payment of fees. Once the visa gets approved (the process of approval generally takes 3 to 4 working days), the applicant receives the confirmation on the email. Every foreign native who has the purpose of visiting India; casual meeting, sight-seeing, short-term medical treatment or business purposes can apply for an Indian visa.

There are mainly five types of e-Visa that serve different intentions of the visit. It is important to choose the right visa to India and fulfill the Indian e-Visa requirements to get approval of visa.

Indian Tourism is booming surprisingly. But needless to say, the Indian government is contributing regular efforts to encourage tourism to the nation. So, foreigners who are coming to India for exploring its beauty, sight-seeing, meeting relatives or friends or for a short term Yoga program can apply for the India tourist visa.

E-tourist visa policies are recently improved and now it is available for three duration i.e. one month, one year and five years. So, this e-visa to India is the best option for all foreign tourists irrespective of the length of stay period as now it covers you up to 5 years of stay in India.

Documents required:

  • Scanned copy of the passport Bio Page with all Details and photo shows up.
  • The scanned copy of an official letter from the institute/organization/hospital etc for short-term courses.
  • For any voluntary work, a letter from the organization is needed to be attached to the application.


One Month (30 Days), one year and five years.


Double Entry for one month and multiple entries for one year and a five-year electronic visa India.


The continuous stay limit is 90 days, except for the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan as people coming from these can stay for 180 days.

More and more people are investing in India's growing economy. But to indulge in any business activity, a separate business visa is required such as an e-business visa. The Indian E-Business visa holder can take part in any business activity in the country. The tourist from more than 166 countries can apply for an e-business visa india through an online portal. After getting this e-Visa, the holder becomes eligible for the sale/purchase, set up a business, recruit manpower and other business activity.

For applying the E-business visa, all you need to have a passport and valid purpose to enter India. However, this e-Visa for india is non-convertible and non-extendable. In other words, you can’t change the type of visa once your file is submitted, also you can’t change the given duration of stay.

Documents required:

  • The Scanned Bio Page of the passport
  • A Scanned Copy of Business Card
  • the letter of invitation from Indian parties which with you conduct the business (if any)

Duration of the visa:

One year from the date of grant

Number of Entries:



Continuous stay during each visit is limited to 180 days. For a longer stay, the applicant needs to register with FRRO/FRO within two weeks from the day visa expires.

The medical facilities in India are not only highly advanced but quite cheap and affordable. Also, being the birthplace of Ayurveda and Yoga, no other place can have better Ayurveda treatment than India. So, those who want to attain short-term medical help from Indian hospitals, medical institutions or organizations can apply for an e-medical visa.

e-Medical visa india is one of the of e-Visa types, that is provided to non-Indian visitors by the Government of India for Medical purposes. The patient and the blood relatives from 166+ countries can get the E-Medical visa for a short span of time. Getting a Medical visa is a cake-walk process. However, before applying an online Medical visa you need to get the letter from the hospital where the treatment will be received.

Documents required:

  • Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the applicant’s passport with Photograph and Details
  • The Copy of Letter from the Hospital concerned in India. It must include the date / tentative date in which admission has been prescribed.

Duration of the visa:

Sixty days from the date of arrival.

Number of Entries:


India has always been very cooperative with its tourists and thus the GOI has recently introduced a new e-Visa type named as e-medical attendant visa. It is meant for those who are accompanying the patients coming in India for their treatment on an e-medical visa. For one e-medical visa, two attendant visas can be applied. It is only given to the family members or relatives by blood to the patient.

Documents required:

  • The Scanned copy of the passport's, Bio Page.
  • The proof of relationship with the patient

Duration of the visa:

Sixty days (60 days) from the date of arrival.

Number of entries:


e-conference visa India is a specialized form of visa that is offered to applicants who are interested or invited to attend the seminars, workshops or conferences held by the government-owned institutions, UN, NGOs/private institutions, any Ministry or department of the Indian government, UT administrations or Specialized agencies.

Recently the government of India extended the use of an E-conference visa as now it can be applied to attend seminars, meetings or conferences organized by the corporate sector of India.

Documents required for e-Conference Visa:

  • The Scanned copy of the Bio Page of the passport.
  • A copy of the invitation letter from the organizer of a conference or seminar
  • Scanned copy of Political clearance statement from Ministry of External Affairs and the Event clearance proof from Ministry of Home Affairs

Duration of the visa:

Thirty days from the date of arrival into India.

No of Entries permitted:


The e-Visa application process:

  • First, open the online Indian visa application page
  • Fill the required personal details and occupational details
  • Attach the photo and scanned copy of passport
  • You will receive the e-Visa on your email
  • Print the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and get the visa stamp at the Immigration check post of the airport you land on.
  • You can check your Indian visa status using the application ID.

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